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Why Us?

Century Cladding has a distinct approach that sets it apart from aiming to be the largest roofing and cladding contractor in the UK.

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Offering The Best Possible Service

Century Cladding does not aim to be the largest roofing and cladding contractor in the UK. Instead, we focus on offering the best possible service, products and materials, irrespective of project size or location, to become the contractor of choice.

We take great pride in our work; we value referrals and want our clients to be delighted and confident that all safety procedures are strictly followed. This means we want to ensure every client we work with appreciates our work and is 100% satisfied with the experience and end product. Ultimately, we measure our success on referrals and repeat business.

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We've built a solid reputation, providing complete roofing and cladding solutions for organisations across all industry sectors across the UK. Contact us for more information on our cladding solutions, and we’ll give you a Free Quote for any work you need.

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Quality & Workmanship

Because our clients and employees are our two most valuable assets, Century Cladding is committed to providing the highest quality service our highly skilled roofing operatives perform. No matter the size of the job, we make sure it’s completed with the highest level of professionalism, skill and trust.


Many roofing and cladding companies are limited in their products and materials due to their contracts with specific suppliers. Century Cladding offers you the best products and services for your roof and walls, irrespective of manufacturer. The roofing materials and systems identified will be presented and explained, covering the full spectrum of products available with their warranties and guarantees to best meet your specifications.

A Track Record of Experience

Our professional management team has overseen thousands of varying-sized projects, spanning most industry sectors. We use over ten years of experience in the roofing and cladding industry in every project we manage and complete.

Contact us for more information on our complete roofing and cladding solutions, and we’ll give you a free quote for any work you need.

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